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Very admirable. Do you have any news on how the faceoff went?

Reminds me of this story:

During the presidential campaign against Eisenhower, Senator Adlai Stevenson was approached by an enthusiastic woman supporter who said to him, "Governor, every thinking person will be voting for you." Stevenson replied, "Madam, that is not enough. I need a majority."

References you list above are very helpful. Thanks


Lane Redrell

Wouldn't it be great to see ballet on the ballot?


The election just finished and I admire how both parties became professional after the election. It was a peaceful election but yet controversial when it comes to the state and individual vote counts.


I must say after Hurricane Sandy hit and both candidates put their campaigns on hold that demonstrated a level of professionalism rarely seen.

Both parties deserved to win but unfortunately only 1 party can.

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